Itti Karuson

Itti Karuson


Itti Karuson has a unremitting passion for photography. Early in his career he won the best folio
award at the Photography School of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. This
was while also coming to grips with a foreign culture and the spoken and written words of a new
and unforgiving language. Graduating in Melbourne, Bachelor of Arts –Photography, he then
applied for and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New
York City. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. It is in this New York environment,
the toughest school for all the arts, that Itti became the skilled and professional photographer he is
today. Home now in Bangkok Itti has intellectually and creatively matured to the point of
possessing a deeply intuitive sensitivity to his clients needs. What the client imagines Itti takes
into realms of unbelievable and stunning creativity. All projects are demanding but none subdue
Itti Karuson’s energy and imagination nor escape his enthusiasm and good humour. His fashion
and commercial photography has been published in many magazines including Love, Praew,
Playground, Bride, Playboy, Wedding Creation, Hair and Beauty, M Magazine, I am Guy, Fire,
Sugar High, MemoVery as well as commercial trade journals. Clients include Ducati, Chivasom,
Grand Holiday, Wacoal, Kullastree, Wella, Miso, DCash, Rita Wilcox and Asiasoft as well as
offering exposure to Mikimoto, Gomme de Garcon, Bodyglove, Ripcurl, Emilio Pucci and many
other product brands. Itti’s work is on constant show internationally: in homes around the world
is displayed the glorious and happy moment of a couple’s commitment to love each other – their
wedding. “I am inspired by romance and its expression in wedding photography. When I have
captured the marvelus emotions of the most memorable moment of a couple becoming one by
way of marriage, what comes to the photo is, not only their hearts united, but also their minds and
souls. As for me, it is very great honor to express their happiness in valuable images which last a
lifetime and beyond”. Itti Karuson

– Photographer, Love Magazine, Bangkok, 2011
- Photographer, Playboy Magazine, Bangkok, 2011
- Photographer and Retoucher, Wedding Creation Magazine, Bangkok,

- Part-time Lecturer, Communication Arts, Stamford International University,

Bangkok, 2009
- Invited Lecturer, Media Art, King Mongkut’s University of Technology

Thonburi, 2009
- Writer, Digital Retouching, iPhotoplay Magazine, 2009
- Photographer, Amarin Printing & Publishing Public Company Limited.

Bangkok, 2008
- Invited Lecturer, Communication Arts, Bangkok University, 2008
- Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai

- Photographer and Retoucher, TO BE NUMBER ONE MAGAZINE, Bangkok

- Photographer, Shoot behind the scene for movie “The Screen”, Five Star
Production CO.,LTD, Bangkok, 2007
- Photographer, Shura Network Corporation CO.,LTD, Bangkok, 2006-2007
- Photographer and Retoucher, Playhouse CO.,LTD, Bangkok, 2006-2007
- Photographer and Retoucher, Wongsawang Press CO.LTD, Bangkok, 2006-

- Photographer and Retoucher, Studio two4us CO.,LTD, Bangkok, 2006-2007
- Retoucher, Fierce Publishing CO.,LTD, Bangkok, 2006
- Retoucher, Seth Sabal Photography, 2005-2006
- Photographer and Designer, Rita Wilcox, New York, 2005-2006

- Photographer and Retoucher, Didane llc, New York, 2005-2006
- Photographer’s Assistance, Erik Anders Lang Photography, New York, 2005
- Photographer’s Assistance, CarloVanderoer Photography, New York, 2005
- Internship at Timothy Hogan Photography, New York, 2005
- Internship, Shu Akashi Photography, New York, 2005
- Internship, Stan Shaffer Photography, New York, 2005
- Photographer’s Assistance and Retoucher, Thierry Bornier Photography,

New York, 2004-2005
- Photographer’s Assistance, Judy Lawne Photography, New York, 2003-2004

Itti Karuson

Apichart Chaichulla

Service : Fashion, Portrait, Studio, Commercial, Advertising Product

2002 Dichan Magazine Position : Photographer
2003 Pooying Magazine Position : Assistant Fashion Editor
2004 Prestige Magazine Position : Fashion Editor
2004 Rangsit University Position : Specialist (Photography)
Other magazine editorial shooting experience; Dichan, Prestige, Madamfigoro, Top Gare, Cleo, Marie Claire, Lisa, Pooying, Image and more

Apichart Chaichulla